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Well i go job hunting with pops tomorrow. I need a second job otherwise ill have to go back to not eating much and not going out and such. Ive had really horrible Dreams as of late and there really bothering me cause they have nothing to do with me. There of friends and im worried cause about two years ago i had a very detailed dream about a guy named aldon who was bothering hope and warren. This was the time were me and hopes relationship was nearly dieing and we were getting annoyed with each other, but i had a dream of him raping a boy and then the next night raping someone else and it was reaccuring and so like a weirdo i got some information about him and he turned out to be gay and he molested 3 boys and was kicked out of jesuit for it too. I freaked cuase warren and hope and anyasia were all with him in disney world and they had no idea and i told hope and warren and they laughed then they found his diary and read it and saw i wasn't lieing and freaked. So im worried about some of the dreams ive been having. Not saying im magical or special or anything i jsut have this knack of protecting people i care about. oh weird huh........Anyways im thinking of becoming buddhist and ive been reading up on Zen and Buddahism and im even going to a buddahist church/temple here in New Orleans soon. Well thats enough for that now.
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